The decision to buy a home is important and most likely will result in the single largest purchase you make in your lifetime. Naturally, along with that decision comes many questions. We can provide you with information about:

1.)     What to do first when you find the home you want to buy;

2.)     Signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Sellers and Buyers legal
         obligation after signing;

3.)     Ways to finance the home purchase, such as bank financing, FHA or VA financing,     
         Land Installment Contracts, and gifts or loans from parents or relatives.  Any of
         these methods of financing your purchase are items with which we deal on an
         everyday basis and with which we are extremely familiar. 

4.)     The advantage and benefits of a Survivorship Deed;

5.)     Costs and expenses you can expect;

6.)     Home Inspections and Home Warranty Plans;

7.)     Your legal rights as a Buyer with respect to the Residential Property Disclosure
         Form, a form required by law to be provided to you by the Seller.

     Whether you are buying or selling, Attorney Jack C. Lorenzetti, Jr. and American Land Title Agency, Inc. will make the entire process easier for you.

     We will provide you with Mortgage Loan Payment Calculations to help in determining what your mortgage loan payment will be. We have Real Estate Handbooks available that can be used to estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

     We will work with both you and your Seller from start to finish so that the entire buying process proceeds as smoothly as possible.